What to expect

Making the decision to come to therapy is not an easy one, and it is not uncommon to feel anxious before the first therapy appointment. Rest assured that I will create a comfortable and supportive environment from the very start of our work together. Here is how the process works:


  • First, we will have a brief phone conversation during which I will ask what you are looking to get help with, some basic information about you, answer any questions that you may have, and discuss logistics. If it feels like we are a good match for working together, we will schedule an in-person appointment.


  • In the first few meetings I will learn more about you and the goals that you have for our work together as well answering any questions that come up about the therapeutic process.


  • For the remainder of your time in therapy, we will focus on meeting your goals. Keep in mind that the change process unfolds dynamically; it begins right away and continues in and outside of the therapy room.

Office Location


870 Market Street, Suite 520, San Francisco, CA 94102


Please note, I am currently offering video therapy for clients in San Francisco and throughout California. 

Rates & Insurance

Therapy sessions are scheduled weekly and are 50 minutes in length. My rate for individual therapy is $250 per session.


I offer a limited number of sliding scale slots depending on financial need. I also accommodate client schedules with some early morning and evening sessions.  


While I am not currently accepting insurance, I do provide invoices for clients looking to get reimbursement from their insurance companies. Flex spending plans are another option, which allow you to apply pre-tax dollars to the cost of therapy or claim therapy cost as a tax deduction.


Things to keep in mind about using insurance for psychotherapy:


Your therapist will need to provide a diagnosis to the insurance company in order to justify treatment and this diagnosis will stay on your medical record and can have an impact when you need to buy health or life insurance in the future.  


Your insurance company may determine the type and duration of treatment that your therapist can provide you. This means that your therapist may not be able to use the approach that they know to be most helpful and may need to end treatment with you based on a timeline that your insurance company has determined.


Any notes your therapist writes about you, can be viewed by the insurance company if they choose to access that information. In many cases, insurance companies request access to session notes or require that therapists complete forms outlining the treatment in order to determine if you are eligible for more sessions.


A good fit is essential  in the therapeutic relationship, however, only a limited number of psychotherapists accept insurance. Furthermore, many therapists on insurance panels have limited slots available to their insurance clients. These factors may limit your ability to choose the therapist who is the right fit for you based on their unique skill set, personality, office location, schedule availability, and working style.