My Approach

My working style is warm and interactive, with a focus on cultivating mindful awareness of the here-and-now experience. I have a great deal of curiosity and sensitivity to people's unique lived experience, as well as an understanding that each one of us already has the internal wisdom needed for positive change. My role is to help you unlock your potential and tap into your inner resources so that you can create the life that you want for yourself. I am well-versed in a number of different approaches and integrate them into my work depending on your unique needs, your working style, and the goals that you have for your life. I draw heavily on Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and Internal Family Systems. My work is also grounded in attachment theory, depth psychology, and phase oriented treatment of trauma.

I offer Psychotherapy to adult individual clients.


Through psychotherapy, I can help you increase self-awareness and compassion, understand how you are in relationships, and untangling old patterns that no longer serve you so that you can make permanent shifts and experience greater wellbeing and vitality. Psychotherapy may be right for you if you:


-Think that life experiences, beliefs, patterns, habits, or behaviors are keeping you from moving in the direction you want

-Want to understand yourself more fully and connect to your most authentic self

-Want to improve your relationship with yourself and others

-Want to overcome depression

-Want to manage anxiety and stress in a healthy way

-Need to let go of unhelpful coping strategies in your life

-Need to process traumatic or painful life events from your past

-Need to develop a new and fulfilling ways of being in the world

-Sense that you want to shift something in your life

-Need help in initiating change in your career, relationship, or lifestyle

-Need help in setting and achieving concrete goals

-Want to uncover your hidden potential and inner strength

-Want to learn new strategies and tools for improving your life

-Want to remove obstacles to change


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