Most often, psychological trauma occurs due to extraordinarily stressful events that involve a threat to our life or safety and leave us feeling helpless and vulnerable. Our subjective emotional experience of an event is what matters when thinking about trauma, therefore, any situation in which we feel overwhelmed, helpless, and alone can be traumatic (regardless of the presence of physical harm). The passage of time alone cannot heal us from our traumatic past, therefore we may be as impacted by a traumatic event that occurred last year as we are by traumas that we experienced during childhood. If you find yourself  struggling with distressing emotions, frightening memories, a sense of constant danger, or feeling numb, disconnected, and unable to trust other people; psychotherapy can help you heal. Through psychotherapy, you can reestablish your sense of safety in the surrounding world and in your relationships; as well as tapping into

your inner strength and resilience. It is important to give voice to traumatic experiences in a safe and supportive environment, which is why my first goal in working with clients is to establish safety in our relationship through authenticity, consistency, and trust.