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Attain growth and fulfillment in your life

I strongly believe that each individual is naturally oriented towards growth, health, and inner fulfillment.


All of us have an amazing capacity to develop strategies to deal with the challenges that we encounter in our lives; sometimes the very strategies that served to help and protect us in the past, end up preventing us from moving in the direction that we want in the present.


If you feel stuck and want to begin moving forward once again, I am here to help!

   Working with me  

If you feel stuck, working with a highly skilled professional can provide the perfect opportunity to reconnect with yourself, rediscover your strengths, and use them to shift the patterns that no longer serve you. I have been helping people overcome life's difficulties through psychotherapy since 2011. I have extensive training in leading edge techniques developed to help clients build meaningful relationships with themselves and others, find inner resources and strength, and start living the life they want.


I am a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in the State of California (PSY 29273) specializing in working with adult individuals. I help people let go of unhelpful ways of relating, overcome depression, manage anxiety and stress, heal from traumatic events and painful life circumstances, navigate life transitions, learn to cope with difficulties in an empowered way, and reconnect to the sense of vitality and strength within. I receive ongoing consultation and I also seek out professional training opportunities to ensure that I am providing the most effective and ethically sound services to my clients.


My approach draws from mindfulness, body-oriented interventions, evidence-based modalities, relational work, and attachment theory. The therapeutic process, as I see it, works best when it is collaborative and supportive. Therefore, from the very start of our time together I will work to create a safe, trusting, and non-judgmental environment for you. I encourage you to show up authentically and promise to do the same.


During the therapy hour I will bring awareness to what is happening in the present moment, help you tap into the information that is being expressed through your body, utilize the healing power of emotions, and rely on the therapeutic relationship to help you see how you are impacted by and respond to others in the world.

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